managing complexity

Whether it's a call to the Employee Hotline, an employee claiming harassment, an external query about pay practices or misconduct claims at the C-Suite level, even the best organizations experience situations that require confidential investigation and resolution. Lack of proper attention to employee concerns or a poorly managed internal investigation can quickly affect employee morale or result in damage to organization culture and reputation, business disruption and litigation.

Either inside legal counsel or external law firms are frequently engaged to support business leaders in resolving employee matters, but law firms and legal departments require strong support from human resources to gather and review all the necessary information. Internal investigations put a strain on already stretched HR resources, create confidentiality and conflict of interest issues and detract from the on-going, day to day work HR does for the business. Some HR teams may not be prepared to support and manage an extensive investigation.

KEF Consulting works with legal counsel and corporate human resource teams so that company attorneys obtain the information that is necessary to investigate claims and HR is free to continue its work supporting the business. Our years of executive human resource experience with large global organizations has provided the experience and perspective to recognize the challenges that investigations present and understand that effective resolution requires:

  • Strict confidentiality
  • Attention to detail
  • Active listening and inquiry
  • Thorough understanding of past practice
  • Evaluation of existing policies
  • Fact based, non-biased interviews
  • Support through immediate and long-term resolution

With HR experience at all levels of an organization, KEF Consulting fits seamlessly into a business creating a collaborative bridge between legal and human resources. Our firm provides the neutral party fact-finding, confidentiality and diligence necessary for a thorough investigation and our background offers the expertise required for managing immediate challenges and supporting businesses through long-term resolution.