connecting the dots

As a consultant for legal or human resources, KEF Consulting offers a proven track record of partnership and collaboration investigating claims filed by employees, contractors or vendors including complaints submitted via employee or ethics hotlines.

Investigations expertise includes:

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Culture challenges
  • Discrimination, including harassment and retaliation
  • Wage and Hour
  • EEO complaints
  • C-Suite misconduct charges
  • General workplace misconduct
  • Employee relations
  • Ethics violations

Services include:

  • Scheduling and conducting witness interviews
  • Reviewing and assessing company policies and practices
  • Reviewing employment records
  • Assessing past practice and related statistical information
  • Developing and supporting remedial actions
  • Representation at mediation, arbitration or hearings

KEF Consulting works as an extension of legal or human resources with an approach that blends pragmatic business advice, strong HR competency and sound investigation practice.

Why KEF Consulting for investigation support?

  • Preserve internal confidentiality for even the most sensitive investigations
  • Extensive C-Suite experience with clear understanding of how to manage corporate risk as well as support employee advocacy
  • Ability to serve as witness during hearings or trial
  • Neutral party status seen as a positive during interviews and data analysis
  • Understands how HR works, can quickly build relationships with functional staff
  • Provide client with a cost saving way to conduct interviews and manage investigation expenses
  • Offer on-going support for changes or improvements necessary in a business as a result of an investigation or workplace incident